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Artist Statement:

I grew up in a family who was very artistically talented and I have always been involved in one form of art or another. I currently use oil paint as my medium, and have touched upon several forms of painting mainly representational and non representational art. My non representational art, stems from my imagination, but I do find a source of inspiration from city living. I find patterns in the surrounding architecture. Those patterns are the base structure, I change them, play with them, until I find my own symmetry there, then I use color and texture fueled by my emotions to redefine the geometry.  In my representational art, I offer an interpretation that I hope claims some affinity for the objects that I paint. I strive to construe the subject with a full range of values and a harmony of colors so that the impact of a particular painting may be shared for a moment with the viewer.


Catherine Colosimo, a self-taught artist who was born in Montreal, Quebec, was influenced deeply by her father’s love of painting and craftsmanship and at a young age discovered her love of art and her own talent for painting.  Catherine paints in oils and her works can be found in many private collections in Canada and the United States. Her work is appreciated and recently sought-after by the novice collector as well as the most discriminating connoisseur.


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Catherine Colosimo